Condate Records host bi-monthly gig nights in Chester, UK. The gigs are strictly quality over quantity, never more than 3 bands, decent set lengths, a mixture of good local acts and underground music of all genres are spun in between acts, quality merch stands, bring and buy jumble stands, video projections and more. It is our intention, as with everything Condate related, to make these something for us all to look forward to.

Bands sets are recorded straight off the desk in multiple channels and filmed with a static camera at the back and a dedicated roaming camera. Bands can take the raw files for a tenner (to pay the roaming camera guy) and for £50 he’ll go away and edit together the two camera angles and the audio from the desk into a full live set you can use to promote your band or sell at your gigs.

Selected tracks of the live audio will be included in our Podcast the following month, reminding people of what a good night they had and showing people who weren’t there what they were missing.

The whole point of these nights is to provide something where people can come and be a part of what is happening right now. The bring and buy stands, the bands merch, the video projections – it’s all to do with creating a buzz around the bands and the people that we love. Be there to take part.

If you would like to play a Condate Records night please click on the drop box link on the right and submit a track or two (same goes for inclusion on the podcast). Make sure you read the terms we have written down there though, we don’t suffer fools haha!


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