Who we are…

Condate Records is a small independent label based in the UK. There are a lot of us about, small record labels. In this day and age of technology, consumerism and step by step band creation anyone can create a product, and then watch it get lost within all the other people doing the same thing. “But you are doing the same thing yourself!” I hear you cry. This is where you and I will differ. We don’t care about money. We don’t care about trends. We aren’t screaming for your attention. We don’t care for your opinion. We support art. We want to do what we feel is honest and we cling to the idea that there are still people out there who care about music as an artform. We will carry on doing what we do regardless of popularity.

You can choose to support us, to come to the gigs we put on, to listen to the podcasts and check out the bands we feel deserve your attention. Choose doing something over stagnating because that is what you are doing right now. If you have no passion for anything you aren’t living your life. This is our passion.


2 Responses to Who we are…

  1. Jonah says:

    I am not stagnating. I am simply rotting away because of old age.


  2. ineal says:

    shades of gray

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