Face of Christ

Face of Christ are:
Leon – Vocals
Scott – Guitar
Ben – Drums
Mike – Bass

Face of Christ are the hardest and fattest band in West Cheshire. We are the self proclaimed Kings of Carvery and BBQ’s. We play punk but have roots in Hip Hop. It’s not rap metal. We hate you, your band and your magazine. If you like songs about movies, murders, rapes, food and vandalism, and if you prefer your music with a hint of danger, you will probably like FOC. If you are easily offended, you are probably a PC faggot and we hate you.

We formed in 2002 and have gained and shed a total of 11 musician members and counting. We hate each other and much as we hate you. The extended family are also counted as members which makes FOC not just a band but a gang. We can be found in our personal venue, Grindhouse, breathing in spores and smashing the lights or laying down gold at Boom Studios. Otherwise we will be scranning, dogging or pushing down brick walls.


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