Colonel Blast

Colonel Blast are:
Mike Lovatt – Bass
Ineal Sandhu – Drums
Ben Whitfield – Guitar
Darryl Jones – Vocals
Andy Milnes – Guitar

Formed in the North-West of England in 2008, Colonel Blast have spent two years perfecting their aggressive sound and earning a reputation for their ferocious live act, supporting acts such as Ted Maul and Amputated. In 2010 Colonel Blast’s line up evolved with the introduction of Hecate Enthroned guitarist Andy Milnes, ensuring their live sound is even heavier than before.

Debut album ‘For the Greater Good’ is released on Condate Records on 7th June and is a crushing slab of Metal, heavier than a herd of elephants strapped to a Boeing 747. Citing the three Cs of Converge, Carcass and Cryptopsy as their inspiration, Colonel Blast stamp all over their competition with an intensity and individuality that demands attention.

The band is best described as heavy music that touches on subjects important to us all, though you may not know it yet. Culture, society, obsession, life, love and hope for change. As ex-vocalist Matt Bolton explains,
“Whilst the record isn’t a concept album there is a theme which is disgust and frustration at what Britain and the world has become. Humanity is gradually destroying itself by corroding the minds of youth with reality TV and the fascination with celebrities.”

A video for their track “Management Coat Competition” shall be available online shortly.


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