Condate Records presents….Split Roast



Condate Records release 5 way split featuring new tracks from Colonel Blast, Diascorium, Magpyes, Cancerous Womb and Dyscaphia.

The split idea burst into life whilst several of the bands were talking independently about doing two way splits, Paul Priest of Diascorium providing the idea and then Condate Records piling in with a way of releasing and promoting it. So far it has been like herding cats with epilepsy in a strobe filled room but slowly and surely the release is coming together.

Steve Myles (Khuda) is providing the artwork, after much deliberation of who should be producing it and is doing a sterling job.

“Gripping, gritty and mad as hell. This is extremity revived” – Terrorizer Magazine


Formed in the North-West of England in 2008, COLONEL BLAST has spent two years perfecting their aggressive sound and earning a reputation for their ferocious live act, supporting acts such as Ted Maul and Amputated. In 2010 COLONEL BLAST’s line up evolved with the introduction of Hecate Enthroned guitarist Andy Milnes, ensuring their live sound is even heavier than before. The band culminated 2010 with an appearance on the Terrorizer stage at DAMNATION FESTIVAL in Leeds supporting the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, Discharge, Fukpig and Anaal Nathrakh.

“A relentlessly brutalising, technically impeccable slab of extremity – definitely a band to watch.” – One

DIASCORIUM are a 4 piece from Leeds using the branches and trunks of the family tree that includes A Forest Of Stars, Narcosis, Reth, Tangaroa, Morkret, Revokation and many more bands. Formed in early 2010, their first EP, the free-to-download ‘Abstractions of the Absolute’ has had over 50,000 downloads and still counting from various sites (Torn Flesh Records, The Knowledge of Sound blog and many others). Since playing their first gig in May 2010, their intense and energetic live show has already had the pleasure of supporting the likes of Desecration, Man Must Die, Prostitute Disfigurement, Magrudergrind, Bloody Phoenix, Winterfylleth, Wodensthrone and finishing off 2010 by playing on the Terrorizer stage at DAMNATION FESTIVAL in November. Diascorium offer up a vast array of extreme styles, taking in black, death, grind, tech, thrash, doom, slam and more along the way.

“Magpyes are fucking brilliant. You  must listen to them.”-UK Metal Underground

MAGPYES formed as a 3-piece in late 2004 and set out to play crushing, high-speed grindcore with short yet brutal live sets. After stirring a cult following mainly via word-of-mouth, and successful reviews in Terrorizer Magazine and online websites, MAGPYES have refined a signature blackened-grind sound and performed energetic shows alongside the likes of Brutal Truth, Wodensthrone, Winterfylleth, Dragged Into Sunlight and Extreme Noise Terror.

“They’ll probably poke dogshit through your letterbox.” – Cack Blabbath

Cancerous Womb are a Death Metal / Grind quartet from Edinburgh, founded in 2008, who focus on delivering a mixture of Modern Death Metal, early Grind / Thrash and a slither of Progressive-Technical influence. With catchy and creative passages and an unconvential approach to song structures, Cancerous Womb captivate audiences with an originally lethal yet highly accessible style of Extreme Death Metal.­

DYSCAPHIA formed in 2008, setting foot into a world too perturbed by change and too emasculated by watered-down forms of entertainment, their sole intent: playing death metal that was not only brutal and as technical as their musicianship allowed, but also original and unlike that of their peers. After honing their new material and salvaging the best from their previous incarnation, DYSCAPHIA have earned a slew positive feedback from various sources for their 2009 demo and took to the stage in the same year. Currently preparing to enter the studio, DYSCAPHIA have been variously described as “death/tech/grind”, “blasting technical wizardry”, but most recently “three men and a gaylord”.


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