It’s been a weird old few months at Condate Records. Now is not the time to talk of the lethargy associated with dealing with life at it’s low points, it is time to savour the positives and show you that during our little bit of time away from here there has been some light peeking through the cracks…

First up, This is Turin are booked in for a week in July to finally finish the recording of their debut album for Condate Records. It’s been a road littered with stumbling blocks but the stars have aligned or some shit and we are hopefully looking at getting this beast done and dusted.

Second bit of news is that Colonel Blast have begun work on their second full length. Currently rocking a massive two tracks (Haha) the band that takes years to write anything is working at a slightly faster pace than usual to try and get something finished for this year. They are pretty pleased with how the stuff is sounding so far and there will be some rehearsal videos and the like up online soon.

Third and final notice falls squarely on the shoulders of Face Of Christ. At the end of April the band completed work on a new record titled; “The Darkest Winter: A Love Story in Five Parts”. This record is their most ambitious one to date and sees them completing something that as a unit they are immensely proud of. It’s harsh, it’s aggressive, it’s got a Hammond Organ on it and we are providing it to you on here as a reward for sticking with us through these last few barren months.

It is amazing that people have still been visiting, people have still been checking us out and we appreciate every last click. Hope you enjoy the FoC record. Leave us a comment if you are a SoundCloud user, or hit us up on Facebook and tell us what you think. The official release date of “The Darkest Winter: A Love Story in Five Parts” is the 23rd of July and will be available in limited physical quantities and online at all the usual places should you wish to help us out that way.


Condate Records

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