…and you’re back in the room.

It’s been a while. We use the word “while” because it is kind of the softest way of saying “it’s been too long”. The months in between our last update about the release of Split Roast and it’s subsequent excellent reviews, and this one have been taken up with things such as appearances by Colonel Blast and Diascorium on the latest Zero Tolerance cover mounted CD, Scott the guitarist in Face of Christ getting married, an idea for an FOC split EP with fellow Deva hardcore monsters Horrorstruck being conceptualised, the bassist of This is Turin leaving, being replaced and then guitars already recorded for their debut album being scrapped and the recording process starting over, Colonel Blast starting writing their follow up to “For the Greater Good”, new tee-shirt designs, new merch ideas, Condate Audio getting a lick of paint, some other things I forget as I type and illness.

Without going in to the messy details, one of us has been pretty ill this last month or so. A fair few things hit at once and it’s had an effect on the amount of output the label has had the most. One thing we will say is that now he’s on the mend things will slowly start to pick up again. We started this thing with so much energy, that energy was taken from us for a little while there but it’s coming back and coming back stronger.

With that in mind and because we are sorry for making you wait for us to get back on top of this we thought we’d give you a little treat from our vaults. We recorded the audio of each bands set from the Split Roast release show. Click the following link for a download of the whole thing. 6 tracks. Each track an entire set. We can’t remember all the names of the tracks so thats a little game you can play yourselves. Please download it. If you were there let us know, if you weren’t here is your chance to hear what you fucking missed out on 😀

Split Roast Release Gig – Live @ Retro Bar, Manchester, 5/6/11

Thanks for your patience and enjoy some free underground bootleg shit!

Condate Records

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