5 Way Split title announced, video preview and artwork!

Condate Records are set to release the aptly named ‘Split Roast’ on May 23rd bringing together 5 of the UK’s grimmest bands. Featuring brand new tracks from Northern black-meets-death assassins COLONEL BLAST, Leeds based extreme tech metallers DIASCORIUM, Leeds based grind manksters MAGPYES, Edinburgh Death Merchants CANCEROUS WOMB and finally Manchesters most brutal death/tech/grind warriors DYSCAPHIA.

With 20 punishing tracks clocking in at over 60 minutes for a fiver, ‘Split Roast’ is a pocket friendly introduction to the sounds of the current underground metal scene within the UK. The split will be available in digital format from all the major digital outlets including iTunes/Spotify/Amazon/Play and in physical format from the Condate Webstore and from the bands themselves at gigs. The split includes stunning artwork throughout by artist Steve Myles.

Each of the bands plans to release a preview track across their social media sites today (Mar 28th) and have made an intro video for the occasion to unleash upon an unsuspecting public.

CONDATE RECORDS Director Ben Whitfield comments, “The underground scene thrives on the community between bands. It survives year after year because people do it for the passion and for little reward. Split EP’s are the norm throughout metal and punk bands. You hit up several fan bases at once. You get to split costs allowing you to achieve better results than you might trying to do it alone. You also give the people who support underground music a bargain in the process, 5 bands, 20 tracks, over 50 minutes of extreme music. Hopefully people will be as excited about it as we have been. Being the kind of label that we are, DIY and trying to do anything we can to tell people about the music we love, it was always an obvious choice to do a split. Having 5 bands on it was just the icing on the fucking cake.”

For more information on the split and the bands involved head to the dedicated page at Condate Records.

Previews of tracks from each band can be found on their respective sites and players! Get on it!

Colonel Blast Myspace || Facebook

Diascorium Myspace || Facebook

Magpyes Myspace || Facebook

Cancerous Womb Myspace || Facebook

Dyscaphia Myspace || Facebook

For more info or to register for a press/promo copy of ‘Split Roast’ – please contact Lisa @ Hold Tight! PR

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