2011 – The only way is UP, BABY! You and me, NOW.

So out goes 2010 and in comes 2011. In February it will be a year since we set up Condate Records and in that time we have had some really cool things happen. Colonel Blast released their debut “For the Greater good”, We signed This is Turin and Face of Christ completed two albums “Fascinating Animals (The Human Animal)” and “Year of the Prick”. Year of the Prick is due to hit digital stores on the 31st of January, it’s seven tracks of solid gold. Don’t miss it.

Spending 2010 finding our feet and carving out our own little space in the music world has been interesting, frustrating and rewarding in equal measures. It means so much more doing it yourself and the stress of not letting people down has at times been telling but on the whole it’s been a sturdy first 10 months, our first new year and our only resolution is to build on what we have achieved so far.

With that in mind there are a few things happening in 2011 that we hope you will get involved with!

Colonel Blast are going to be providing two tracks for a 5-way metal gangbang of a split album with fellow media feud partners in crime Diascorium, the almighty Cancerous Womb, Magpyes and Dyscaphia. The details are being thrashed out as we speak and hopefully over the next couple of weeks we will have some concrete details and dates for you to put in your new smart phones as yet empty calendar. Colonel Blast will also be appearing on Bastard Loud’s “100 Short Songs compilation” along with a whole fucktonne of ridiculously good bands. Watch this space for announcements for that too. Following all that up with a new album towards the tail end of the year, the band hope to build on the momentum that culminated in an appearance at this years Damnation festival, supporting the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, Anaal Nathrakh and Fukpig, and play more festivals and tours.

Face of Christ have finished their latest open letter to life entitled “Year of the Prick”. Available in a short handmade run, as is the Condate way, from the band and soon our online shop the album’s official release date is 31/01/11 and will be available at iTunes, Amazon, Play, Spotify, etc etc… Not a band to rest on their laurels they are already writing a new album with new drummer Tinman Anton. Feel free to find him on facebook (I mean, how many Tinman’s can there be?) and haze him royally.

This is Turin have been beset with all sorts of mountains to climb of late but those are going to be smashed down as flat as the Cheshire plain and recording is beginning in earnest over the next few weeks. We will get a few words from front man Darryl Jones over the next few weeks on what you can expect from this monster of an album.

So that is the bands, what else is on the horizon? Well to kick start the new year and because we are really good to you, we are putting out the first Condate Project. Condate Projects are free to download musical projects that we like but don’t have the time to throw full resources behind. Expect a slew of these projects to appear for your delectation over the coming year. It’s all about putting together a little musical bite for you to have in between full album releases. First up is one from the vaults, to all our new initiates get your ears a mysterious and misanthropic band called Wizard Beard. Download it and as always spread it like you did your first time. Condate Project 001 – Wizard Beard – Songs to Fist to

In a related but not related to the usual metal/hardcore music we spew out, Ben from Colonel Blast has recently been working on three tracks for a new project called Flying Cheep Cheep with long time collaborator Mark Lewis of Manchester’s Jessie Rose Trip. It features songs about killing your children and then yourself, being completely fucked off with not fulfilling any of your life’s ambitions, and getting so annoyed with your boring life that you purposely get caught by your girlfriend being wanked off by some whore you picked up for the thrill of it. All this and more, set against the backdrop of alt pop/indie/looped music. We are hoping Condate will over the years be able to mutate into a label that releases all sorts of stuff, and maybe this will be the start of that so if you are in to music other than metal but still like things dark then watch this recess.

Finally here are some pictures of the Temples of Boom, Condate Record’s home and the venue our current roster rehearse and record at. Reasonable recording rates are available if you are interested. Check out the studio blog or get in touch via recordings@condaterecords.com

So there you have it. Welcome to 2011 with Condate Records. Hopefully you will stick with us and help make 2011 a cool year.

Much love

Condate Records

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