Balls in the air, drop it like it’s hot…

SO yeah, another month another update…

We got ourselves a Flickr. Just another site to constantly keep going to and checking but still it’s ot some treats from Colonel Blast at Damnation Festival so head on over here and check it out.

Whilst you are at it check out some of the reviews the guys have been getting of their performance at Damnation. Some prety good press…

Cack Blabbath
One Metal
High Voltage

Speaking more of Colonel Blast, new material is being worked on this week and also we are FINALLY getting round to editing that pissing Management Coat Competition video which has been sat staring at me for quite some time. While thats happening we will be uploading some live videos from various gigs over the past year up on our You Tube Channel shortly to keep you all entertained.

Tracking/Mixing/Mastering has now been completed on the new Face of Christ record Year of the Prick. Artwork is being worked on and physical limited runs of the album will be available soon. A digital release will follow for all you future people out there. There is talk of vinyl, but we all know talk now don’t we.

This is Turin finished recording guide tracks for their debut album on Sunday. Drum tracking begins in earnest in a coupe of weeks schedules permitting. I’m sure Earnest won’t mind. I love that joke. Anyway, the drummer Ed is beavering away to the guides and getting ready for a complete slave driving.

That will do you for now, I’m supposed to be working.

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