Total Rock, guest vocals and more!

Last night Ben from Colonel Blast was interviewed along with Mike on Total Rock radio! They discussed the album and the forthcoming Damnation festival gig amongst other things with presenter Maz. I’m yet to track down an MP3 of the show but you can stream the latest show here.

The band have recently conducted a Damnation Festival preview interview over at Cack Blabbath. Expect an update of links to new interviews that Colonel Blast have recently conducted in the next few days!

This Thursday will see Face of Christ welcome guest vocalists in to the studio to lay down some abuse on their new record “Year of The Prick”. Jay from Bastions and Craw of Six Ft Ditch and Horrorstruck fame will be lending their vocal chords to an already harsh set of verbal lashings. These are the last piece of the pie along with NWHC(hoir) gang vocals. It’s sounding brutal, you will love it.

This is Turin have begun intense rehearsals for their debut release, click tracks have been written, Ed is being punished with ridiculous time and tempo changes, its going to be EPIC.

Peas out

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