Massive update all over again part whatever…

SO friendly people of the internet it’s that time of whenever again when I realise we haven’t updated in a while. To be fair, how long these gaps are are a testament to how busy we have been getting our shit together. The shit that is currently getting together is as follows…

Face of Christ, when not recording intro songs of Parisian jazzhop for the start of their sets, are conducting the recording phase of a brand new EP “Year of the Prick”. Exclusively to you right here and now is the track listing in no order:

  1. Chow Mein Kampf
  2. Hollyoaks
  3. Scraped Out
  4. Lash Everything
  5. Tea Party
  6. Rat Snake
  7. Slingin’ Iron

I suppose it is more of a mini album. Either way it should be complete and available in some form or other sooner or later, maybe even for the next gig at Central Station in Wrexham on 3rd November. Will the Chester contingent survive another gig outside their beloved walls? Whose to tell! The NWHC section of the band will help them through it one way or another, maybe we will have another urban picnic.

Next on the agenda…

Leon is putting together a small Condate zine. Fans as we are of the paper medium this will be a small reminder that holding things in your hands is a good thing. It should cover some tidbits of the scene, record reviews, goings on and RANTS. Expect a variety of formats over time. Get involved and email

Colonel Blast have started working on new material that may be ready for their appearance at this years Damnation Festival. After a rather interesting vote the band have secured the second slot on the Terrorizer stage! We plastered this all over the social networks at the time but this will serve as a reminder to get down early enough to catch the band at 2:30 on the Terrorizer stage! The band have also been interviewed for a Damnation preview over on Cack Blabbath’s Blog, go check out what it means to the band to play a festival with the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Fukpig, Anaal Nathrakh and many others…

Podcast No2 will begin soon we promise. The 10’s of people who downloaded it demand it. Or maybe they don’t. But we are doing a new one anyway. As ever if you want to be included on one and we deem you worthy then head to the drop box.

I think that is it. It probably isn’t. In fact it definitely isn’t but you’ll hear more about that later…

Until then here is a video of Leon to keep you amused


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