August update…

SO another update! Lives, bands and business have prevailed yet again so here goes with a catch up of what has been happening in the Condate camp these last few weeks…

Colonel Blast

Are running a “Most Metal Person in the Room” competition! Get your picture taken with any member of Colonel Blast that you are in a room with, pulling your best metal pose, and the winner will get a free “Black Metal Claw” T-Shirt! Send your entries in to us here or via the bands social network sites. You know the drill /colonelblast.

Work is still coming on the “Management Coat Competition” video, it is taking up most of the spare snippets of time available and we hope should be available soon.

While we are at it there has been another review of “For the Greater Good” here. It is quite far down the page but it’s a good one!

Face of Christ

Are currently working on full length number two. Tentatively titled “Year of the Prick”, it is proving to be a hilarious ride through some of the harshest subjects the band have touched on yet. Watch this space for a sneak preview of track “Hollyoaks” featuring guest vocals form buddies in various bands appearing only on the next Condate Records podcast number 2. This full length will be accompanied by an acoustic EP, a collection of ridiculous versions of FOC songs that have been recorded over time dicking about at the studio and if that wasn’t enough for you there is also a HIP HOP album in the making! Expect this triple hitter to grab you by the balls over the coming months. It’s going to be a doozy.

There are ideas for a video in the pipeline, merchandise and much more in terms of artwork too so it’s going to be a busy second half of the year for Chester’s hardest and fattest band.

Condate Records

The label has developed some new artwork and logos over the past month. In addition to our Crest you can see above, we have these fine delights…

Steal them and put them places people will see. Spread the word!

The next Condate Podcast will be put together over the next month, featuring more bands, musings and hopefully some interesting collaborations “Live Lounge” style! Podcast number one is now available to listen to in the updated “Podcast” tab above.

Condate Gig Night Pt2 will take place in early September. Thanks to everyone who has submitted a band the proper way via Soundcloud for us to listen to. We have nearly finalised the line up to this next one and it promises to be another blinder. Once we get those invites out, spread the word. Lets build this now.

Over and out 😀

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