Update time awwww yeeeea!

SOOOOOoooooo! It’s that time again where I realise I haven’t posted much new up even though things are happening in the Condate camp!

Our first gig night went well, featuring our two bands Colonel Blast and Face of Christ PLUS sets from the the two bands who arose from the ashes of Chester’s Supernought – Brown Acid and Monolith. Pits, chair damage and acoustic revelrie was also provided by Sat Nav Sam in between all the madness. We also managed to find time to slot in some other acoustic folk who mistakenly thought it was an open mic night, well we couldn’t leave them out in the cold playing to themselves now could we? The next one will be August now. The lineup is being confirmed and will be announced soon. Keep on dropping those demos in the Soundcloud box if you want to be considered for playing 🙂

Editing has finally begun on several videos. The first being the Colonel Blast video for the song “Management Coat Competition”. The second being a best of Grindhouse live video which is a compilation of songs taken from sets across the last two Grindhouse shows. Both are looking cool so keep your eyes peeled for that.

The next Condate podcast is looking set to be a doozy, we have a load of new tunes from cool bands lined up, plus some nadding about and general chit chat. There are rumours of a live lounge affair going down too so buckle up, we have been drinking.

The next few weeks may see another band added to the roster here at Condate, we are all very excited about it and it is a bit hush hush at the moment but as soon as stuff is thrashed out we will let you know.

And finally tonight, 09/07/10, is Matt’s last gig with Colonel Blast. It is at the Sanctuary Rock Bar in Burnley, with Diascorium and it promises o be a belter of a send off. SO get on down there if you can, have a beer with him and send him off good and proper!

In a bit yo.

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