Goddammm BAM!

One of these days I’ll get around to posting things up as they happen rather than unloading a whole wet sack of juicy news all over you in one goopy mess. Until then, heres what has been stored up in the Condate Records sack over the past few weeks…

April 30th saw what could have possibly been Grindhouse’s last ever show. The boys are moving out to pastures new and the basement will probably be filled in and condemned. Health and safety was not the priority. However good times were the priority. Wall sockets blowing up, lights getting smashed, a heater lamp being used as a light lamp right behind the drummers (giving them a tan on half of their heads), 30 or so people crammed in an 8 X 10 roman cell and 3 blistering sets by Face of Christ, Horrorstruck and Bastions all ensured the lasting memory of the GH.

What also ensured it was the fact that we captured most of it on camera! What will become CR first DVD release: “BAM!” is going to contain footage from the sets, other shenanigans, GIRLS, and whatever else we can cram on there. Keep your eyes peeled for its release.

Here are some photos taken by Dakota Jeane DiSanto…

Secondly on the agenda is the first Condate Records Podcast! Recorded yesterday at Boom central, it is a mash-up of FOC spouting shit, chatting about their favourite bands, there is a preview of the title track from Colonel Blast’s debut “For The Greater Good” as well as music from the bands who will be featuring on the Condate Records DVD “BAM!”.

If you want your stuff included on the podcast then get in touch via the Soundcloud link on the left. Drop us your tunes and if we like it, we will include it!

Speaking of video there has been a tonne of live footage shot recently at Colonel Blasts gigs in Rotherham and Manchester. These will be edited and put up on the Youtube channel along with the video for “Management Coat Competition” which is being edited over the next week or so. Keep an eye out!

Face of Christ are entering a period of frenzied writing for the follow up to “Fascinating Animals (The Human Animal)”. Expect nothing as all your expectations will be dashed on the rocks of surprise. Awww Yeeea!

Press rumblings on the Colonel Blast debut “For the Greater Good” are so far immensely positive. The band are currently answering interviews and reviews are being cultivated by the people in the know. Big shout out to Lisa at Invisible Hippo for making this happen. Check out her link to the right over there, she is what gives Condate Records its momentum, maybe she can do the same for you.

The final plug – Colonel Blast‘s debut record “For the Greater Good” is available to preorder from us here. Click the webstore link, its £6 plus postage, they are limited so get in there fast. One the 7th of June it will drop digitally too for it’s official release. Be there.


“Everything we do will be momentous”

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