So here is an update for you:

Pre-orders of Colonel Blast‘s debut album “For the Greater Good” are flying out of the webstore. A big thanks to everyone who has ordered so far and to those thinking about it, go on, go on, you know it is a bargain 😉

Colonel Blast will be playing in Rotherham this sunday the 2nd at Dickens bar at the Shitstock all dayer. Some serious bands playing only five english nuggets. Here’s the flyer…

Colonel Blast also have the closest thing to a homecoming gig in Manchester on the 8th of May at Phoenix Bar on Oxford road with our new found buddies Arke. Its a Manchester revolution. Be a part of it.

Face of Christ are playing an “if you know, you know” show at the Grindhouse Basement this Friday 30/4/10. It is with good friends of the band Horrorstruck and Bastions. It is being filmed and made into what will become Condate Records’ first live DVD. Expect mayhem at its fullest in the cramped, dank basement of hardcore dreams. Be a part of Chesters Hardcore scene’s history.

Peace out.


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